Startup Strava Challenge: Week 4

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Hello again!

The weather was nice (besides the weird tornado-like storm), and it shows with the amount of activities logged this past week!

One team in particular gets to take home the lovely “Lantern Rouge”, and I think many people can guess who it is….. River and Lark! Congratulations on your non-activities!

The Lantern Rouge is referred to as “The last rider overall on general classification” by cyclinguphill.

“For a time the lantern rouge would carry a little red light under their saddle. It became paradoxically a cool thing to be. Lantern Rouge’s would gain more fame than person second to last. For a few years in the 1940s, organizers experimented with sending the last rider (lantern rouge) home to try and discourage this unofficial competition to be the lantern rouge.

Even now some riders really don’t mind being lantern rouge as they are domestiques and it means at least they are still in the race. There can even be a little light competition to get lantern rouge.

Kenny Van Hummel gained fame after being lantern rouge by a huge margin during 1999 tour (cycling news)

As David Duffield once said:

De las Cuevas is so far down on GC you could time him in with a calendar!”

On to the overall standings approaching the final stretch of the competition:

  1. Authentic Form and Function with 81.2
  2. Radio 360 with 81.1
  3. Room 214 with 71.6
  4. Inspiringapps with 64.6
  5. SVB with 62.3
  6. Slice of Lime with 60.0
  7. Pivot Desk with 52.0
  8. ShipCompliant with 47.3
  9. SportsLabs with 42.3
  10. Pearl Izumi with 40.3
  11. GNIP with 34.8
  12. Quick Left with 34.5
  13. Minute Key with 32.9
  14. Parallel Path with 31.1
  15. Diablo Media with 29.5
  16. JP Morgan with 28.8
  17. Simple Energy with 23.2
  18. SendGrid with 15.3
  19. Galvanize/gSchool with 12
  20. SparkFun Electronics with 11.9
  21. Rally Software with 7.8
  22. River and Lark with 1.7

We were fortunate for good weather and good company on our #startupchallenge group bike ride.

We will be announcing the winners of the Startup Strava Challenge at Murmuration on May 31st at 7pm. This active team will receive $2200 to donate to their charity of choice! If you aren’t in the running, you should still attend this fantastic event showcasing some of the extremely creative people we have in our community. Register here!

Announcing at Murmation: On May 31st, the Colorado dance community comes to Chautauqua for a night of unity between dance, music, and cultures. Musicians and dancers perform in unexpected pairings to celebrate the community’s wide array of talent, creativity, and diversity. The show pioneers artistic relationships between different styles of dance, from break dancing to ballet, with musicians and musical groups ranging from DJ’s to drumlines. By challenging the boundaries between dance and music, we discover unfound and remarkable harmony waiting to be explored in both the arts and in our lives at large. It is incredibly uncommon to have such a large group of talented individuals from across Colorado together on one stage, let alone to witness such a variety of talent connecting for the first time. Get your Murmuration tickets here before they sell out!