Startup Strava Challenge: Week 3

Featured in Built in Colorado

Going into the 3rd week, and we’re pleased to award Radio 360 with an average of 3207 ft climbed. Thanks to Skratch Labs and The Feed, they will be appropriately hydrated and prepared with proper ride/run food for the rest of the competition!

This week we’ll be awarding the Lantern Rouge, the team in last place. It is a very prestigious award, and the team will receive an actual red lantern. Going into the week we already have River and Lark leading the standings, in last place!

The overall competition standings are as follows in overall miles:

  1. Radio 360 with 50.8
  2. Room214 with 48.3
  3. Authentic Form and Function with 43.3
  4. SVB with 42.8
  5. Slice of Lime with 35.6
  6. Inspringapps with 35.5
  7. PivotDesk with 33.4
  8. Pearl Izumi with 26.3
  9. ShipCompliant with 26.2
  10. SportsLabs with 24.8
  11. GNIP with 24.1
  12. Diablo Media with 23.8
  13. Minute Key with 19.7
  14. Quick Left with 19.3
  15. Parallel Path with 17.1
  16. JP Morgan with 16.9
  17. Simple Energy with 13.8
  18. SendGrid with 9.0
  19. Galvanize/gSchool with 8.8
  20. SparkFun Electronics with 7.9
  21. Rally Software with 5.1
  22. River and Lark with 1.7

Join us for the group bike ride tomorrow leaving Quick Left at 4pm. Mountain bikes and road bikes will all head out towards Marshall Mesa, mountain bikers will continue on Marshall Mesa and roadies will head down Cherryvale Rd, finish back at Quick Left.

If you can’t start with us, maybe you can meet us out there? Check out the route here!

We will be rescheduling the group hike for May 27nd at 4pm from Quick Left.