Startup Strava Challenge: Week 2

Featured in Built in Colorado

First week of the Startup Strava Challenge done and dusted!

The weekly challenge was to get the most participation out of your company. Pivot Desk won with 80% of their employees exercising. Impressive! They will be receiving their Max Muscle gift cards this week!

Week 2 challenge is most vertical feet climbed (just like last week, divided by their total employees).

For the overall competition… the standing are as follows in overall miles:

  1. Room 214 with 27.34
  2. Authentic Form and Function with 24.9
  3. SVB with 21.1
  4. InspiringApps with 20.3
  5. ShipCompliant with 19.8
  6. Slice of Lime with 19.5
  7. PivotDesk with 19.4
  8. GNIP with 17.7
  9. Radio 360 with 16.2
  10. SportsLabs with 14.6
  11. Minute Key with 14.4
  12. Diablo Media with 13.9
  13. Pearl Izumi with 13.3
  14. Quick Left with 12.0
  15. JP Morgan with 10.5
  16. Simple Energy with 8.2
  17. Galvanize gSchool with 6.4
  18. SendGrid with 5.3
  19. SparkFun Electronics with 4.6
  20. Parallel Path with 3.8
  21. River and Lark with 1.7

We were excited about the hike up Sanitas, but just as we headed out, the thunder and lightening rolled in. So we took a car selfie instead.

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