Startup Strava Challenge: Week 1

Featured in Built in Colorado

We are 5 days in and the amount of exercising has been incredible!

During this first week of the Startup Strava Challenge we are challenging each company to get as many people out and exercising as they can! We want to see participation! The winning team from the first week will receive gift cards to Max Muscle so their muscles can recover for the rest of the competition.

To make it a little easier on people we have planned a hike on May 8th at 4pm at Quick Left up Sanitas. We would love for anyone competing in the challenge to come! Even if you aren’t competing you are welcome to join as well.

Also if you are looking for an excuse to ride your bike around town, come on by our Battle of the Games Hackfest on May 12th at 6pm to try your hand at retro gaming and talk smack to other Startup Strava Challengers that show up. We have plenty of bike parking!

Check out what everyone is saying from the participating companies!

Simple Energy




Parallel Path

Quick Left