Startup Strava Challenge: Start line.

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Take your mark, get set…… Not yet!

May 1st will mark the beginning of the month-long Startup Strava Challenge. With nearly 20 companies participating, we’re going to be able to donate over $1000 to the winning charity. That’s a great excuse to exercise, right? Each week will include mini competitions, and prizes to award to the winning team at the end of the week, as well.

Week 1

We want to kick off the first week with participation! Get your whole company out and exercising, the highest percentage of members on your club team participating will be champion of the first week! Max Muscle will be donating gift cards to each member of the club team so they can get ripped for the rest of the month.

We are hosting a hike up Sanitas on May 8th and would love for each team to join. Meet at Quick Left on 9th and Pearl at 4pm.

Week 2

The second week we’re challenging people to get their climbing legs on! The most vertical feet climbed that week will win a prize pack donated by Skratch Labs and The Feed, in order to recover and fuel your team for the rest of the competition.

PS. ShipCompliant has upped their bid: if the winning team also has the most vertical ft they will chip in another $100! Anyone want to match??

Week 3

Third week in May we’ll award something the pro peloton likes to the “Laterne Rouge“: the team in last place in the competition. It’s ok, we have all been there. Embrace it! People actually fight for this honor in the Tour de France! We will even reward you for it with your own personal team Lantern Rouge! Literally, we have a red lantern to give you.

Along with the group hike, we will also have a group bike ride on May 20th meeting at Quick Left at 4pm. Mountain bikers and roadies can join, we will head up Fourmile to Betasso, where mountain bikers can peel off and roadies can continue on or pop over Poorman to Sunshine. Don’t worry we will have a group ride leader if you don’t know the roads/trails.

Week 4

This is your last chance, get those miles up! At the end of the week we will announce the overall winner at Murmuration. All of our participating teams get a discount. If you want to enjoy beautiful dance and see the winner be crowned register here.

Remember: runners get double the miles (because we only run when bears are chasing us).

Without further ado, I would like to introduce the teams and their nonprofits competing in the Innagural Startup Strava Challenge…. queue the music:

If you want to follow along with each competing company, watch this hashtag: #startupchallenge

Also please follow the progress of each team throughout the competition below!

If you want to get in on the challenge there’s still time! Fill in your info here and we’ll get you going.