Startup Strava Challenge: Finish line

Featured in Built in Colorado

I want to thank all the companies who participated in the Startup Strava Challenge, it has been a blast and has made my month of May very exciting.

Coming across the line in first is Radio 360!! Congratulations! Followed very closely by Authentic Form and Function, and rounding out the podium in third is Room 214.

Throughout this challenge I often thought about the charities that we were supporting, and why. We chose Just Go Harder and People For Bikes because they both represent a way for the community to become involved in cycling. At Quick Left we love cycling, and feel that love needs to be spread throughout the community and beyond.

Just Go Harder Foundation is run by Timmy Duggan and Ian MacGregor, ex-professional cyclists, and elite level ski racers. Both grew up on the slopes of Lake Eldora Mountain and spent their summers on the Singletrack Mountain Bike Adventures cycling team before moving up the ranks of professional road cycling.

Both of these men saw the importance of having cycling and athletics in their lives growing up, so they implemented a foundation that would allow up-and-coming athletes the financial stability needed in order achieve their goals.

We like that. If you want more information on how you can help, contact them here!

People for Bikes, as many of you know, is a movement to improve cycling in the U.S. Their goal “is to make every bike ride better, whether that ride takes you on trails, down to the grocery store, or all the way across town. Why? Because when people ride bikes, great things happen for our bodies and our minds, and our communities and our nation.”

We like that too. Sing the pledge here!

This challenge brought together many different companies, doing lots of different crafts. With one big reason for doing it: supporting charities in our community to hopefully make a difference in someone’s life.

All I want to say to that is…Cheers Boulder, I heart you.

Until next time,

You stay classy Boulder 😉

Final rankings for the Startup Strava Challenge are below(total miles/total number of employees):

  1. Radio 360 with 154.35
  2. Authentic Form and Function with 149.34
  3. Room214 with 104.98
  4. Inspiringapps with 97.12
  5. SVB with 83.28
  6. Slice of Lime with 81.74
  7. ShipCompliant with 69.33
  8. PivotDesk with 60.35
  9. SportsLabs with 55.52
  10. Pearl Izumi with 54.30
  11. Quick Left with 53.98
  12. GNIP with 47.24
  13. Minute Key with 44.14
  14. JP Morgan with 42.3
  15. Parallel Path with 40.24
  16. Diablo Media with 39.34
  17. Simple Energy with 36.24
  18. SendGrid with 21.00
  19. SparkFun Electronics with 16.70
  20. Galvanize/gSchool with 16.06
  21. Rally Software with 11.91
  22. River and Lark with 1.73