Sprintly Goes Back to Its Startup Roots

Today we are excited to announce that Quick Left’s Sprintly product is once again becoming an independent company, under the leadership of its original founder, Joe Stump.

The 2014 Sprintly-Quick Left merger brought considerable product and executive talent to Quick Left. In turn, we were able to contribute to Sprintly’s development by building features like Partyline, a new Kanban feature, and a public Dashboard.

After almost two years of work, we’ve decided that now is a good time for Sprintly to be a startup again. Joe, who is on the Quick Left Board of Directors, was eager to re-acquire Sprintly and run it as an independent company. Similar to Dell (Michael Dell) and StumbleUpon (Garrett Camp and Geoff Smith), Joe felt like he could give the product he built the singular focus it needs for it’s next stage of growth. As Sprintly’s biological parent, and the visionary behind the product, no one is in a better position to make Sprintly succeed.

Entering its sixth year, Quick Left is an in-demand web and mobile software development consultancy offering clients innovative design and development services utilizing its Adaptable Agile methodology. At the time of the merger, we aspired to spend more of our free consulting cycles on Sprintly, but high client demand has not allowed us the focus we had hoped.

We’re thankful for the time we had Sprintly in our care (and for all the customers we were able to interact with along the way). We’re also excited for the future of both Quick Left and Sprintly as we move forward as separate entities.


  1. Will my license or pricing change? Nope, you’re cool. Everything stays the same.
  2. What about if I am on some old, old, pre-historic pricing model from the time of the dinosaurs? You’re still good, you crazy early adopter, you.
  3. What about PartyLine? Joe and his team will be working on that too. Partyline is still in beta while they work through some known issues that they are hoping to have resolved soon. Stay tuned for updates.
  4. What about my open support tickets? Support is running just like it always has. Existing tickets are being worked on and it is business as usual.

If you have more questions you can reach Joe and his team at

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