Sprintly Product Update: 2.19.2014 Update

Last week's update to the Sprintly product included a number of key changes.

Change to Item Detail Page: We moved up the comment and attachment upload box on the item detail (permalink) page. It is now located right below the item description:


It was formerly at the end of an item’s activity stream, at the bottom of the page. An item’s activity stream will now display from newest to oldest. We heard feedback from our users that it took too much scrolling in order to add new comments and attachments. This is second in a series of updates for the item detail page. We rolled out a big performance boost to this page on February 5th that enabled quicker and more efficient loading. We will continue making additional changes to make this page so it is more user-friendly. We will be incorporating a lot of the feedback we have received from our user base in future releases.

Performance Update – Dashboard: Included in this release is a significant performance patch to the Dashboard that enables quicker page loading. Also, some users were experiencing issues loading new items or items that recently changed state on the Dashboard. We have removed all local caching for the Dashboard to ensure that all item updates are accurately reflected at all times. We will be deploying this same performance update to other Sprintly pages (e.g. the Organizer) in upcoming releases. Also included in this release is a fix for a display bug where new items would sometimes appear twice on the Dashboard and for a short period of time or until the page is refreshed. This display bug has been resolved in this latest release.

Other Bug Fixes: Other updates include a fix to the email notifications check boxes in Settings. We also added back in a second warning prompt for deleting a product from the Sprintly system.

Phew! Now we’re back to working on more performance updates and bug fixes! Please don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions or concerns.