Rocky Mountain Ruby Hackfest – What What?!

Next week, Boulder has the pleasure of hosting the second annual Rocky Mountain Ruby conference. We're really excited to both sponsor the conference and host a hackfest during it! Never been to one of our hackfests? Here's a little sampler of what you could expect…

The hackfest will be a little different this time though. We've got…

– A killer panel of judges
– A neat competition
– A burrito bar, kegs of beer, and some other tasty drinks
– A couple of iPads for the winning pair

Needless to say, it's going to be fun!

Planning on coming? RSVP on Plancast


who:     Quick Left and Rocky Mountain Ruby Conference
what:    Conference Hackfest
where: Quick Left Offices
when:   8/31 at 7pm
why:     profit