Regulate is released!

Regulate is a Rails 3 engine that provides a Git backed CMS that allows for an admin to define editable regions in a page view.

We often have applications that need fairly basic CMS solutions but the client may not have someone on staff that knows HTML. We needed a CMS that wasn't bloated, lived as an engine, allowed us to regulate what parts of a page could be editable, and we wanted it to be Git backed so we could have version control over the edits. We also designed regulate to work with any authentication / authorization service thanks to Ryan's abstract_auth gem.

Regulate was written by Ryan Cook, and myself along with some Javascript help from Samuel Breed. It's still being actively developed but certainly at a state where you can kick the wheels a bit. Just keep in mind this is young code. The next feature we plan to add is caching. Look for this next week some time.

To get a quick idea of what Regulate is all about watch the video below.

Regulate & Prologue / Quick Left How-to from Quick Left on Vimeo.

Full source here on GitHub and docs can be found here. Have fun!