Recapping the June Ember.js Portland Meet-up

One of my favorite things about working in our Portland office is that we have a great space that’s set up well for hosting events. At the end of June, we hosted an Ember.js Portland meet-up. While I always enjoy attending events at our office, this one was especially fun for me because I’m a big fan of Ember. Portland has a great Ember community, and is home to several core team members, so the meet-ups here are always great.

Check-in, networking and food

We had two presentations at the meet-up: one that I gave, and one given by the always-enjoyable-to-watch Michael Lange.

My presentation, “Burning Down the Bike Shed,” covered the newly-minted JSON API 1.0 spec. The spec hit its 1.0 milestone just a few weeks earlier, which was great timing because it was a total accident. I’m working on a write-up of my presentation, but if you’d like a sneak peek, you can check out the slide deck.

Michael’s presentation, “Acceptance Testing with Ember & Pretender,” covered the testing strategy they use at Lytics, including some interesting customizations that simplify test writing. There’s a lot of good reasoning and sample code in the slide deck


Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to organize this event, and also to all of the attendees who made it so enjoyable!

P.S. — If you’re part of a group that’s looking for a meet-up space, get in touch!