Recap: Where Are Your Wearables Hackfest

With over 130 registrants our weekday hackfest brought together developers, designers, high school robotics teams, and break dancers for a hacking competition. The aim: to see which team could come up with the most innovative app surrounding wearable tech, in under three hours. We had an amazing turnout and for about half of the attendees this was their first Hackfest!

Quick Left Wearables Hackfest

Hackers forming teams and collaborating.

As the festivities began, teams set up around LilyPad kits provided by SparkFun. From Myos to Fitbits and Spheros, the room was filled with gadgets of every sort. Eight teams formed in total, each bringing a unique concept to the table.

Let’s recap on these wondrous ideas:

  • Water Goals: running jacket connected with a Fitbit that flashes different colored lights to tell you your heart rate and water consumption.
  • Fitbeer: wearable beer cup that tells you how many calories you consume and how many you burn.
  • Where’s the damn remote?: use of a Myo to control your TV by making hand gestures to navigate through your TV menu.
  • Huffelpuff: make gestures with your iPhone to cast spells.
  • Zombiebit: the ability to record your running time to see if you can outrun the zombie in a race.
  • Fithop: with the use of a Sphero, breakdancers are able to hold the device and record how many hand hops they can do.
  • Shazbotscoded into a corner, this High School team did what any good startup does, sell. And provide direction for the features to be built within the product.
  • Spirit Fingers: with the use of the LilyPad kit, you’re able to make hand gestures over the Arduino, which records your movement and displays it in a visual way.

Team “Where’s the Damn Remote” nailing down their ideas.

After fierce deliberation the judges had decided on their top three. In 3rd place was “Zombiebit”, with “Fitbeer” coming in 2nd, and “Where’s the damn remote?” taking 1st place. The winning team went home with 3 Flexes contributed by Fitbit.

In addition, honorable mention was made to the Shazbots, Monarch High School’s robotics team, who rode the bus up from Denver to attend the event and were past their curfew. Though the team was unable to get their idea into full fruition they hilariously explained that they decided to execute their product much like startups do – built a landing page and began the process of selling their idea. 

All in all the night was filled with lots of laughter, good company, and awesome coding. We want to give a special thanks to Jeanine Snyder from Northwestern Mutual for providing food and drink, as well as Fitbit and Under Armour for supplying their APIs, and last but not least SparkFun for providing the teams with LilyPad kits. Thanks to all who made it out! Missed this Hackfest? Don’t fret, 23rd Studios captured all the fun.

See you all at our next hackfest during Boulder Startup Week!