Rails Application Templates

We have a very basic Rails stack called Prologue that we start with for a lot of projects. The Rails 2.3.8 version of Prologue was simply kept in a repo and whenever we needed to start a new project we would clone it and go from there. Pretty basic stuff. Recently I have been making a new version of Prologue on Rails 3 and I decided to take the approach of writing it as an application template instead.

The main advantages we've seen so far with this are:

  • Ability to mix and match templates
  • Dynamically setup basic variables on the fly
  • Dependencies stay up-to-date
  • Huge time savings in getting a project started

Writing templates for Rails 3 is extremely easy. Here's some examples you will find useful.


if yes?('Do you need sphinx? (yes/no)')

do stuff to setup sphinx



removefile 'thisfileisgonna_die.rb'


createfile 'newfile.txt' do <<-'FILE' really sweet stuff all up in my text file FILE end


append_file 'db/seeds.rb' do <<-'FILE' User.create! :name => 'Quick Left' FILE end


gsubfile 'config/application.rb', /:password/, ':password, :passwordconfirmation'

gsubfile 'config/environments/production.rb', /config.i18n.fallbacks = true/ do <<-'RUBY' config.i18n.fallbacks = true config.actionmailer.defaulturloptions = { :host => '' } ### ActionMailer Config # Setup for production - deliveries, no errors raised config.actionmailer.deliverymethod = :smtp config.actionmailer.performdeliveries = true config.actionmailer.raisedeliveryerrors = false config.actionmailer.default :charset => "utf-8" RUBY end


injectintofile 'config/application.rb', :after => "# Configure the default encoding used in templates for Ruby 1.9.n" do <<-'RUBY' config.generators do |g| g.template_engine :haml end RUBY end


apply File.expandpath("../templates/sphinx.rb", _FILE__)


get "", "public/javascripts/jquery.js" get "", "public/javascripts/rails.js" get "", "public/javascripts/shiv.js"


run 'bundle install' run 'any command here'


generate(:migration, "AddNameToUsers name:string")


inside "public/javascripts" do removefile 'controls.js' removefile 'dragdrop.js' removefile 'effects.js' removefile 'prototype.js' end


say "templates are pretty dope"


gem "rspec" gem "rspec-rails", ">= 2.0.0.beta.19", :group => [:test, :development] gem "cucumber", :git => "git://", :group => [:test, :development]


git :init git :add => '.' git :commit => "-m 'Initial commit'"

Those examples should really get you going. Once you're ready to try out the application template simply run:

rails new my_app -m path/to/template.rb

Beyond that just keep in mind you can use any methods provided by Thor::Actions and Rails::Generators::Actions. How sweet is that!

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