Quick Left’s Right Turn – To Cognizant

Exciting news!

Those of you who know Quick Left—as clients or companies we’ve talked to, or as members of the technology community in and around Boulder—know we’ve built something truly fantastic here.

Quick Left is an outrageously talented (and fun) group of people, doing world-class development projects. And it’s our intention to build and grow even stronger.

We recently grasped an opportunity to do that. We caught the attention of world-renowned technology company and global IT service provider Cognizant Technology Solutions. And the opportunity was too good to pass up.

Effectively immediately, we’re now Cognizant Quick Left.

Cognizant performs mission-critical IT projects for large enterprises, ranging from business process outsourcing and digital software development to large system, data science, IoT, and automation implementions. And Cognizant’s doing its job well: No other company has appeared more times on Fortune’s list of fastest-growing companies.

Cognizant Quick Left will now be part of that growth, while retaining our core team, and maintaining our ethos as a company and the essence of our brand. We’ll keep our small-shop, boutique feel. We’ll keep our Boulder office. The beanbags? Check. The cycling socks? Check. And, heck yes, you can keep bringing the dogs!

Yes, we’ll keep working together. Our developers know each other and we have our own way of doing things. This decision to move forward with Cognizant happened precisely because Cognizant recognized and values our leading-edge development approach and our strong Agile practices, how we’re able to guide clients through lean product development cycles.

Cognizant Quick Left will continue to do what we’re known for—now as part of a respected global organization that develops digital solutions for some of the world’s greatest companies. We’ll be better positioned to work on projects using open-source technologies like Ruby, AngularJS, React Native and React JS, and Cloud Foundry, with a global reach to hundreds of millions of people. It’s going to be busier around here. The buzz is already electric.

It’s a win for Cognizant, too. Cognizant Quick Left will help Cognizant to excel at digital—and better compete for clients. We’ll help enable transformative digital solution development for cutting-edge projects. Cognizant touches connected industrial kitchens, next-generation drive-thrus, checkout-less stores, and Apple Watch-enabled self-driving cars; the company is working in FinTech, with Blockchain, and on next-generation mobile platform initiatives. We’ll accelerate Cognizant’s ability to deliver on its vision of bringing digital ideas to enterprise scale.

Cognizant Quick Left now becomes the onshore core of The Foundry at Cognizant Digital Works. The Foundry is an interdisciplinary, managed service delivery model that helps clients accelerate development beyond ideas and prototypes. Foundry works with clients to scale digital initiatives, by re-architecting legacy environments, connecting new solutions to existing systems, and creating supporting capabilities in areas like rapid software engineering and security.

I’m thrilled and proud that Cognizant decided to deepen its developer talent with the best and the brightest from Quick Left. I’m thrilled I’ll continue to be working closely with my team as Cognizant Quick Left looks to grow. It’s taken us a quick six years to get to this point; I’m looking forward to the next six—and many more.


Cognizant Quick Left. I like it already. Sometimes things turn quick—and this is the right move.