Quick Left Supports Ride For Reading

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I talk about cycling a lot. It's a sport I grew up participating and one that I truly love. Competition also has the added benefit of allowing me to truly disconnect from work (you can't really think about work issues when you're at your maximum capacity trying to stay with the lead pack in a race).

At the same time, I also do a lot of mentoring in the sport, from real-time live mentoring in Category 4 women's races, or teaching women to ride at Boulder's indoor velodrome (which sadly just closed), or sponsoring the Category 4 women's prize list at the North Boulder Park Classic Criterium, giving back and showing folks how much fun they can have being fit and healthy is not only fun, but very important to me.

The cycling team I ride for, Denver-based Naked Women's Racing, powered by Tribella also has a strong ethic to giving back. In addition to our race mentoring and overall focus on promoting women in the sport of cycling, we also put on our annual Ride for Reading event, which coincides with National Ride for Reading Week.

On May 11th, we'll be hand delivering the books by bicycle to Barrett Elementary school in north east Denver. Quick Left will be a drop off location for this year's event. In the next couple weeks, please bring used and new age-appropriate books for children. Don't be shy, just ring our bell during business hours. Or, if we're not there, you can try to fit your donations through our mail slot.

Our handy dandy mail slot

We are hoping the books will stack up high and you can see the progress through our window.

Also, If you'd like to join in the ride and help deliver books (starts and finishes in Denver), you can register on

We look forward to your support!