Quick Left’s In-House Ruby Sage, Heads to Oklahoma to Speak at Red Dirt RubyConf 2011

Today is a ruby red day as our Senior Software Engineer, Gerred Dillon, is presenting at the coveted Red Dirt RubyConf in Oklahoma City. Gerred’s presentation was selected among hundreds to be presented at the second annual conference. His talk, today at 11:30am CT, will draw millions (perhaps a slight exaggeration), to learn how to implement messaging and notification services in a Rails 3 application.

Here’s the description for your reading pleasure:
Messaging systems are one of the few areas in the Rails ecosystem that still escape solid definition. This talk will present options for implementing messaging and notification services in a Rails 3 application, and explore service-based alternatives that integrate well into applications. Drop-in messaging systems for Rails built on top of Riak and SQL will be compared. Briefly discussed will be the architecture and scaling decisions that went into each project, and the appropriateness of each solution for the challenges at hand.

After Gerred presents at the conference, we’ll update this post with his super, amazing slides that will blow your mind. Or so we hope 🙂

If you can’t make the presentation, no worries, both Gerred and David Aragon will be there all weekend learning some awesome Ruby stuff and hopefully meeting all of you.