Quick Left & Precog Hackfest Recap

We saw 60+ geeks last night (though 110 preregistered–I will hunt you no-shows down) at the Quick Left and Precog Hackfest. Collaborative web and mobile apps, ranging from the brilliant and complete to the hysterical and…well…not so complete, were created in 3 hours with many using Precog's ReportGrid API. Surprisingly, most of the teams didn't know each other until pairing up at the Hackfest. Amazing what strangers can create with a little beer, pizza and dubstep to fuel the brain.

Again, thank you Precog for the ales, food, guest judges (+1 to Franco, Nathan and Matt), and prizes for the teams.

Video coming soon highlighting the event, but in interim, here's what these crazy, smart folk came up with last night along with photo evidence:

  • Beat Box App with a Nicolas Cage meme in Meteor (which they decided to learn night of)
  • Twitter handle stat analysis for overlapping topics
  • github repo
  • Brewmeister collaboration tools to share your recipes.
  • github Hot or Not (QL favorite)
  • 1st place: Homework Helper collaboration with ReportGridAPI
  • 2nd place: UFO Finder-Are their UFOs in YOUR neighborhood? (the answer is yes)
  • 3rd place: Harvest Contractor Integration with use of ReportGridAPI

If you had fun at this Hackfest, don't miss our other upcoming events including a Rube Goldberg Style Hackfest that will have the simplest of tasks being completed in the most mind-boggling ways. In fact, you should just go ahead and register now.