Quick Left + Precog Hackfest: Collaboration Style

Node.js nuthead? Ruby on Rails raconteur? Ballistic about Backbone.js? UXD unicorn? Show off your software development skills at the next Quick Left Hackfest.

We’re building web collaboration tools that will blow your mind (in three hours or less)! No need to form a team before-hand; they'll come together night of and will write in the language of their choice. Developers, designers, and spectators are welcome. Prizes awarded from Precog for the top teams and you can thank them for the beer and pizza. So come play for a bit. Kicking off at 6:30 sharp.

When: January 30, 6 – 9:30 pm Where: Quick Left Headquarters @ 902 Pearl St. What: Teams of 3 form at the event to do 3 hours of intensive coding + UXD to build web collaboration tools. Who: Any and all developers interested in coding, designers in UX/UI, and those who enjoy creating cool shiz under pressure. Also anyone else who likes to network over beer and pizza. Register here

Please register so we can plan ahead; it would be dreadful to run out of beer. Read the recaps of our past Hackfests to see how much fun you can have when developers, designers, and beer unite.

Precog is our lovely sponsor (and neighbor) for the evening of hackfest-ivities. Give them a like on Facebook and a follow on Twitter for supporting the creativity and innovation of this event. With the Precog analytics platform, developers can easily build data-driven apps. Precog's advanced data science APIs make it easy for them to capture, analyze, visualize and deploy analytical functionality inside their applications – without the pain of maintaining complex big data infrastructure.

Bonus points awarded for incorporating ReportGrid API into your web collaboration tool.