Quick Left Portland Hosts Hack the Dot Hackfest for

On November 12, 2015, in Portland, Oregon, a new top level domain was born. Hackable. Humorous. Hippos? 

Hack the Dot is a two hour hackathon extravaganza. Brain child of, the idea is to create community engagement while promoting creativity on both sides of the ‘dot’. Quick Left was chosen as the host of the Portland event. Coding school students, junior developers, experienced developers, marketers, and designers came together to create an idea based on a top level domain provided at the start of the hack.

With TLDs like .ninja, .rocks, .social, and .dance in the arsenal, there were so many great options to choose from. In the end, reigned victorious and was announced after much anticipation. After some nervous chatter on the part of the participants, work got underway designing the greatest house of hippos ever conceived in digital form.  

Take a look at some of the magic below: