Quick Left-overs for April 6th – April 19th
Remember Date.js? Yeah, that was so 2003. Finally another useful Javascript date plugin. A couple of devs here are getting some good use out of this one already.

A nice collection of CSS3 like Javascript easing functions.

While Spine is not the most original alternative name to Backbone, this is another take on a client side MVC library, which Jeremy Ashkenas of Backbone himself posted to Hacker News. May a thousand client side MVC frameworks bloom.

Speaking of Backbone.js, here is a command line tool that can generate the structure of a Backbone app.

A mobile performance related link from the probing Internet eyes of Collin. From the docs: “A fast easy way to reformat graphics and images for mobile devices”.
And another mobile performance related link…an online service that helps optimize front end performance.

MySQL gains memcached support in core
MySQL 5.6 will ship with support for the Memcached protocol to add items directly to the InnoDB storage engine. Sweet!

The Cicada Principle And Why It Matters to Web Designers
This article walks through a really smart technique for rendering random patterns in CSS and contains some best practices for layering CSS images in general.

Quick Left-overs is a weekly series of things that end up in our "FancyBookLearning" Campfire room that we thought were interesting.