Quick Left-overs for April 20th – May 11th

More tasty Quick Left-overs for everyone to enjoy!

Tilt – Generic interface to multiple Ruby template engines.

Ender JS – a novel, open, next level, modular JavaScript; no-library library

Rack PageSpeed – a Rack middleware that helps reduce the time it takes for your web page/app to load.

GO App Engine – build web applications using the Go Programming Language on Google’s scalable infrastructure using large-scale persistent storage and services.

VIM.runpaint – great VIM tricks and process guide

Native iOS JS – interesting iOS approach from the ninja who brought us BioLab Disaster.

Micro JS – need help picking the right JavaScript lib?

Streamline Git Workflow With Aliases – great git alias tips from thoughtbot.

Node Chat Guide – cool guide that steps through building a real time node chat service using node, backbone, socket io, and redis.

Front End Dev Guidelines – a great collection of front end development guidelines.

lifebelow600 – an interesting perspective dealing with web design placement.

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