Quick Left-overs Catch Up Edition

Get Your Refinements On!
Using RVM, load up the bleeding-edge Ruby with Shugo Maeda's refinements feature.

Speed Tracer
A neat site profiling tool from Google.

Object Scopes in Rails 3.1
An update from Aaron Patterson on some new features coming in Rails 3.1.

An up-and-comer in the headless browser testing arena, Akephalos uses HTMLunit and is fast as all get-out. Checkout this article from thoughtbot and their fork as well.

Selenium: Headless
If Akephalos isn't for you, try having selenium run headless on your CI box.

Named Arguments in JS
A cool library to add named arguments to your javascript functions.

A web-based Ruby regular expression editor.

An apache module from Google to decrease page load times.

Quick Left-overs is a weekly series of things that end up in our "FancyBookLearning" Campfire room that we thought were interesting.