Quick Left + Orbotix Hackfest Recap

Wednesday marked the momentous Quick Left + Orbotix Hackfest. With the help of Quick Left, Orbotix released their web SDK the night of the event, which opened up the mobile playing field to web developers.

We kicked off the competition at 6:30, which gave developers 3 hours to build their apps.

In the interim, Sphero got lots of loving from the younger crowd,

we watched President Obama drive Sphero,

and we oogled over our new banner.

Final submissions were in at 9:15 and they were they awesome! The judges had to choose between a Sphero night light, a motion detector app, a twitter alert Sphero, and several others. After some tense debate, Forrest Heller (from Occipital) was declared the winner; he skipped away with not one, but two Spheros.

Thank you to everyone who attended!

In lieu of a May Hackfest, we’ll be hosting the Boulder Startup Week closing party on May 19th. Get your geek on with us at the Geek Field Day extravaganza.