Quick Left and Sprintly Join Forces

The Future is Brighter than Ever

Our Vision for 2014 and Beyond

In my wrap-up blog post for last year, I had mentioned several things we were looking forward to in the coming year. Well, now that we're three weeks into the year, I think it's time to elaborate on that post and share some exciting news to kick off 2014.

Quick Left has always centered itself around excellence in engineering. Our team takes great pride in translating highly technical solutions into tangible results for our clients. We've found that this approach perfectly aligns with our clients seeking technology solutions with direct access to our expert designers, developers and consultants. Our clients have proven time and again that superior relationship building sets us apart from our competitors. From the start, we’ve set out to form lasting technical partnerships with our clients.

One client engagement that stuck out in particular in 2013 was the start of our ongoing collaboration with Sprintly, a small team in Portland and San Francisco who are solving some really tough problems with development management software. As the project progressed, we discovered more and more similarities between our two companies, from our shared open culture, to our industry-leading expertise, there was an undeniable alignment and a shared commitment to craftsmanship. We were extremely impressed by the team Joe Stump has assembled, and were enthralled to help do our part to make Sprintly even better. It seemed the driving force behind their product was not merely measured in pixels and code, but rather in their unwavering commitment to craftsmanship.

That said, I am excited to announce that late last year we decided to combine our forces, forming like Voltron, into one agile-development-superpower. Quick Left's award-winning software consultancy is a perfect match for Sprintly's SaaS product that improves the lives of software makers and management teams everywhere.

Product Development

Previously, I've mentioned that we're, "…looking for new challenges and leveraging our ever-growing team." Well… Quick Left just grew by nine new employees, and we're now adding in-house product development into the mix.

Also in my post I referenced our origin, "Quick Left started back in 2009 from humble beginnings in the now-emerging tech-center of Boulder, Colorado." While you'll always be able to visit us in the heart of downtown Boulder, you can now additionally visit us in our San Francisco and Portland offices. So save those google hangout invites, and come see us in your city!

Our Core Values

So what are some things that aren't changing with Quick Left? That's right, we're not changing much from our tried and true business formula for mutual success.

Engineering Excellence.

When combined with Sprintly's team, we just leveled-up our current consulting offerings and expanded our core technology expertise. We'll continue to build great products, some just happen to be products of Quick Left.

Agile Development.

Our merger is a marriage between two agile companies, both with experience launching successful products from all aspects of development. With more flexibility not only in our offerings but geographically being able to be where you are more easily, we've stretched the term agile from methodology to reflect the literal sense of the word.

Our Kick-Ass Culture.

We kicked off our company-wide merger with a 3-day mountain retreat over the weekend complete with trust falls (ok, no trust falls), some thought-provoking work on the unified brand, and some hard playing in Winter Park, Colorado. We've maintained our culture through good times and bad, fast times and slow. Those tests and our dedication to maintaining culture have prepared us for this merger.

Our Name is Our Promise.

You'll still find us through all the normal channels. I'd encourage you to check out Sprintly, now a product by Quick Left, if you haven't either. We're offering a one-month free trial for you and your company. If you have questions about the merger, don't hesitate to say hello. I couldn't be happier with our combined teams and cannot wait to interact with you as the new and enhanced Quick Left, Inc.