QL + SendGrid Hackfest Recap

SendGrid Hackfest attendees Last Wednesday night we got all kinds of wild with emails. Attendees had 3 hours to use SendGrid’s API in the most creative way. And the winners were……

1st place & winner of the $200 Apple Gift Card – Zero Sum Game:

Bob and John created a game that allowed players to conduct a full card game via email. Players were simultaneously ‘dealt’ (emailed) a random deck of cards, from which they could play one at a time. Once everyone played their cards, a new email was sent to everyone for the next turn. In addition to the points they contained, the cards flashed pictures of adorable kittiez, so it’s no surprise that it took first place.

2nd place & winner of the $100 Apple Gift Card – Mail My Mom:

Jessica, Andreas, Nico, and Matt built the app you wish you had in college. Mail My Mom sends your mom an email about what you've been up to using the keywords you’ve given it. Best part? It's all scheduable. Brilliant.

Hey Mom, I was just thinking about you, so I thought I’d send you a message. Today I __________ [hiked, biked, swam] with _______ [Mike, Matt, Jessica]. We had a ______ [super happy fun time, blast]. ________ [miss/love/thinking of] you!

Love, Me

3rd place & winner of the $50 Apple Gift card – Tweet Digest

Tim Kellogg wrote an app that sends you a weekly digest of your followers’ favorited tweets. Bonus points for the app being written in C#.

Honorable Mentions

Senduino: Gerred managed to integrate a SparkFun Arduino SIK with email alerts. Any email he received would cause a red light to flash. If the email contained a word he had defined as important, such as ‘meeting,’ ‘today,’ etc. it flashed yellow, alerting you to check it.

Unblocked: David and Mike created an app that allowed you to bypass all those pesky firewalls. Enter the URL of a blocked site into the header of your email, send it to the app, and wallah! The app scrapes the blocked content and sends you back a pdf containing everything you wished to see. Real fancy like.

Github Repo List: David Parker created an app that grabs the github handles of people you're interested in following, then sends you an email of the repo list. No time-consuming searches required.

Blog Confirmation: This project was Sean Helvey’s first-ever Ruby endeavor! For every blog sign up your site gets, you’ll receive an email confirmation. Nice work Sean.

That wraps up our SendGrid Hackfest – thanks to everyone for coming out! Next up – Arduino Hackfest with SparkFun on September 19th. Register here.