Prologue provides a base Rails 3 application with Devise and Cancan for authentication and authorization. Roles are stored in the database with a HABTM relationship between the role and user models. You also get a basic admin to manage users (very basic). Prologue also rolls in all of the things we like to have setup in our apps like… haml, sass, jquery, cucumber, capybara, mocha, factorygirl, rspec, timecop, autotest, willpaginate, friendlyid, and hoptoadnotifier

Sharing is caring, so we thought it was time to make Prologue open source in hopes that other developers can kick their next Rails 3 project off right. We rolled Prologue into a gem so you can get started quickly. Prologue allows us to hit the ground running with new projects, we hope it does for you too. Keep in mind Prologue is meant to be a dead simple start.

To get up and running with prologue create a empty gemset with RVM and then run.

All done!

Visit the Prologue GitHub page for more details. Have fun!