Preview my jQuery Conf Talk: Understanding Scope in JavaScript

I'm excited to be speaking at jQuery Conference San Diego in February 2014. My talk, titled "A Little This, a Little _that: Understanding Scope in JavaScript," will cover everything you've ever wanted to know about scope and context in JS.

We'll take a deep dive into what scope means in a programming language, and why JavaScript treats it differently than you'd probably expect. We'll cover all the hot scoping topics: global vs local, lexical vs dynamic, innermost-precedence, and more.

I'll introduce the concept of context, and answer all your questions surrounding the mysterious this keyword. You'll learn how to wield function context to your advantage, as well as learn how popular libraries leverage context effectively.

Finally, we'll learn how scope and context work together by looking at real-world code examples.

I hope to see you there! Head on over to the official website to register.