The Posner Center Poverty Hack

Hacking for International Development

Posner Center for International Development Poverty Hack

So hacking is cool… but it’s even cooler when it dramatically changes the world for the better. This is exactly what the  Posner Poverty Hack is all about. Quick Left couldn’t wait to jump on the opportunity to sponsor the Poverty Hack when we realized the social impact that something like this hackathon could create. The event is hosted by the Posner Center for International Development and Biennial of the Americas. It’s meant to bring awareness to the ways in which innovation in technology can alleviate global poverty.

Crash Course on Human-Centered Design

posner center for international development poverty hack

The three-day event kicked off with a crash course on human-centered design from CauseLabs. The course was a perfect way to begin the event because it gave the hackers a chance to think through the problems that their creations could solve, instead of immediately diving into the solutions (aka the products themselves). Jonathan Newberry focused his interactive discussion on the importance of asking the question, “why?” when building new products for people, especially people who live completely different lives from your own. He talked the audience through a brainstorming session so they could get to the root question of their challenge, What should we build?

Let’s mingle…

Posner Center for International Development Poverty Hack

After the crash course, the Posner Center opened up to the public for networking and happy hour. IDE’s Paul Polak began by talking about the importance of building profitable businesses for international development. QLers Aaron, Sarah and I went to meet the hackers that would be competing for a chance to win a week of Quick Left development work. We met many of the tenants who hold up shop in the horse barn turned office space. From Building Bridges to World Child Cancer and Engineers Without Borders each non-profit has a game-changing initiative that they’re striving towards in order to help end global poverty. 

Posner Center for International Development Poverty Hack 

Check it out for yourself

Yesterday was just the first day of the Poverty Hack. For the next two days hackers are going to reach out to their customers, ask questions and gain insights into the problems that people in poverty-stricken countries are facing. After much research these teams will showcase their ideas for the final win. Out of this hack will come profitable solutions that improve people’s quality of life all throughout the world. 

Looking for something fun to do tonight or tomorrow? Get your ticket today and join a cause worth serving! And if you can’t make it to the hack, check out the merchandise for sale at the Biennial Pavilion on 1550 Wewatta in Denver, up until Sunday.