My First Open Angel Forum

Having tried to get my own start up into Open Angel Forum last year, it was fun to attend last week’s OAF as a sponsor with Quick Left. We've sponsored the last three sessions in both spring and fall and will continue to support this event because it provides entrepreneurs free and open access to the angel investors that they need.

For those that aren't familiar with OAF, here's the spiel:

The Open Angel Forum (OAF) is dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with access to the angel investor community based solely on merit (and without fees). Additionally, we strive to build collaboration between angel investors and to inspire high-net worth individuals to become angels. We are firmly committed to fighting against “pay-to-pitch” schemes.

I’d heard stories of JCal (Jason Calacanis) yelling, “I’m in!” 30 seconds into a pitch followed by a high-stakes poker game at TechStars. Wednesday’s edition may have been a bit more restrained, but no less intriguing. Six lucky entrepreneurs, briefly recapped below, pitched their business to over 30 angel investors in attendance.

  • Conspire uses your email to generate social analytics.
  • came all the way from Australia to present a new model to outsource upselling.
  • Rental Kharma lets you use your rental history to improve your credit score.
  • RxRevu presents cost-advantageous alternatives to your current medications.
  • Open Road Snacks started with Rocky Mountain Popcorn (the ready-to-eat, bagged popcorn in more than 25,000 convenience stores) and are expanding their product offering. I can attest, good stuff.
  • Getist is a free shopping tool that brings the boutique to the blog.

The entrepreneurs each did an admirable job of presenting to a room full of investors while appearing relaxed – beer in hand, used as a pointer. The best part was meeting so many great people who are major contributors to our local startup community. Thanks to Rob and Alex of PivotDesk, Tim Falls and David Cohen for organizing the Boulder OAF and to Techstars for hosting and providing such a great forum to help startups launch.