Monarch High School Shazbots January 2015 Update

We continue to support and highlight Monarch High School’s Robotics Team, the Shazbots, and have them keep us updated on what they’re up to. The last couple of months were very busy for the Shazbots. The team is now into their build season trying to solve their latest challenge. Here is a recap of what they have been up to:

“This past November, we designed our robot for the team sponsored challenge FIRST Shuffle. In this game the robot needed to play shuffleboard with a frisbee. We decided we would do our annual one-hour robot build, and use it for this challenge. In the final seconds of the hour, our team had a moving robot. After having mentor made waffles as a reward, we took our bot down to Eaglecrest High School and had a blast playing FIRST Shuffle.

Monarch High School Shazbots FIRST Shuffle Robot

Then, on December 12th, the team participated in a local hackathon. For computer science education week, Galvanize hosted a scratch based hackathon for high school teams. All of us made a simple game using this software by sequencing pre-programmed commands to animate objects. After about 3 hours of work all of our groups presented the projects! It was tons of fun and we would love to do it again.

Monarch High School Shazbots participating in a local hackathon

This past week was our kickoff, where our team received our challenge for the year. In Recycle Rush, the objective is to stack as many totes and recycling bin with our robot as we can, with the option to manipulate pool noodles for more points. On Monday, we decided that we were going to focus on picking up totes, and try and maximize our score that way. Then on Saturday we used a trade study matrix taught to us by our mentors to determine the design that we will be using. Currently, everyone is hard at work putting together the drive train and CADing the actuating arms.

Monarch High School Shazbots game piece (the tote)

As our season goes on, we will be posting any updates to our social media. Check us out here¬†and select our social media in our bottom right footer!”