Meet the Team: QLer Sandy V.

Sandy is a freshly minted Portland resident after doing time in the software centric Bay Area. He has worked in social media, telephony, healthcare, publishing, and payments and embraces the chance to learn new domains.

1.What is your favorite thing to eat ?


2. What songs are included on the soundtrack to your life?

Bandwagonesque on fuzzy repeat.

3. What is one of your favorite quotes?

"Life is but a motion of the limbs… For what is the heart, but a spring; and the nerves, but so many strings; and the joints, but so many wheels, giving motion to the whole body?"

4. If you could know the answer to any question, besides “What is the meaning of life?”, what would it be?

What is consciousness? Great topic for late night discussions.

5. Which celebrity do you get mistaken for?

George Clooney, and it happens all the time. I totally see the resemblance.

6. What is your favorite form of exercise?

Calisthenics. My goal is to one day do a one armed handstand pushup. It's going to take a while.

7. Favorite gif?

8. Favorite place in all the world?

Plaza Garibaldi in Mexico City. It's the mariachi district where at any time fifty different bands are playing songs to swaying groups of friends sharing bottles of liquor. Pure chaos.

9. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?

Some programming thing I forgot about.

10. The best part of waking up is…?

Going back to bed.

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