Meet the Team: QLer Felicity (Liss) McCabe

Felicity (“Liss”) is a recent transplant to Portland from the southern United States. After 8 years of unrewarding work in medical research, she jumped industries to try her hand at software development. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking with friends, mushroom hunting, and getting way out into remote parts of the forest with her own two feet. She is a normal human without any special powers at all, and is certainly not in any sense an exiled alien princess defending the Earth as her adopted home. As a mom of an exuberant 9 month old, she can still remember how it feels to get plenty of sleep and regular exercise, but it’s getting a bit foggy. She lives with her high school sweetie, and her preferred style is “Your grace.” Liss is joining Quick Left’s engineering team as a Software Developer.

Felicity Liss McGabe software developer Quick Left

1. Q. What’s your favorite thing to eat?

A. There are so many. For starters, chocolate, salmiakki, beer, punishingly hot curries, almost any kind of dim sum, and cream cheese eaten straight from the tub at 1 AM.

2. Q. What soundtracks are included on the soundtrack to your life?

3. Q. What is one of your favorite quotes?
A. “The mark of a moderate man is freedom from his own ideas.” –Laozi
4. Q. If you could be any fictional or historical character, who would you be? Why?
A. Kaylee from Firefly. She’s a joyful and uninhibited country girl, a technical genius who never rubs it in people’s faces, gentle but strong, and very, very moe. I would also accept Kyoko from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Lina Inverse from Slayers, or the goddess Eris.
5. Q. What is the most recent video game you’ve played?
A. Analogue: A Hate Story, a visual novel by the eminent Christine Love. It’s inspired me to start working on a visual novel of my own.
6. Q. What is your favorite form of exercise?
A. Trail running! I’m very glad to be living in a place where I can do it for more of the year.
7. Q. What is your favorite YouTube clip?
8. Q. Favorite place in all the world? Why?
A. When I was a kid, I went to an eco resort in Costa Rica in a remote corner of Golfo Dulce. Rich jungle woven with trails met a quiet gravel beach. Maybe I’ll get back there someday.
9. Q. If you could sing one song absolutely flawlessly, what song would it be?
A. I’m going with “Dark Chest of Wonders” by Nightwish, as Floor Jansen sings it
10. Q. If you had coined a phrase of wisdom, what would it be?
A. “Boredom is optional. The universe is full of endless interesting things, any one of which we could spend multiple lifetimes exploring. Boredom is an ignorant reaction of our egos refusing to acknowledge that fact. If you have the right frame of mind, anything can be interesting. (Except for bass fishing.)”