Meet the Team: QLer Anne J.

Anne was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, growing up in the big, crowded city. Now she finds herself enjoying a laid-back life style in Portland and has decided to never leave. Anne earned her Masters of Engineering at Portland State University, but after working as a project manager for 6 years, she found a passion in coding and took an accelerated coding course at Epicodus. When not enjoying her new passion you can find Anne at the dog park, on hiking trails, or on a tropical island sipping on a Pina Colada.

1. What is your favorite thing to eat ?

Almond Roca

2. What songs are included on the soundtrack to your life?

Escape (Pina Colada song)

1000 miles


The way I am – Ingrid Michaelson

3. What is one of your favorite quotes?

Be the person you want to be not the person others want to see.

4. If you could know the answer to any question, besides “What is the meaning of life?”, what would it be?

How to cure cancer.

5. Which celebrity do you get mistaken for?

Carrot top! Just joking, I never got mistaken for a celebrity.

6. What is your favorite form of exercise?


7. Favorite gif?

There are so many puppy and kitty gifs, how can I choose one. qbot animate my cuteness overload

8. Favorite place in all the world?

I'm torn between Disneyland and a tropical beach.

9. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?

Taking Epicodus (boot camp coding school) fulltime and working weekends. If I studied as hard as I did at Epicodus in high school, I would have become a doctor.

10. The best part of waking up is…?

Getting a lot of kisses from my dog.