Meet the Team: QLer Lisa M.

Lisa Monrreal started her journey in Northern Virginia. After college, she ran away to Lake Tahoe to be a full-time snowboard instructor but was unexpectedly offered a job in marketing for the best ski resort in the land. Her one season joy ride turned into a 3-year expedition, which allowed her to experience many different aspects of marketing. Moving to Denver brought more adventures, including grad school, inbound marketing, and startup life. Before school, when Lisa had a life, she liked to travel the world, snowboard, and go to happy hours on patios. She joins Quick Left’s team as a Marketing Specialist. 

Lisa M. Meet the Team


    1. Q. What is your favorite thing to eat ?
      1. Alaskan King crab legs…or breakfast pizza!
    2. Q. What songs are included on the soundtrack to your life?
      1. Beach Boys songs – Wouldn’t it be Nice, Surfin’ USA, Surfer Girl
    3. Q. What is one of your favorite quotes?  
      1. “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” -Walt Disney
    4. Q. What is your favorite form of exercise?
      1. Anything on a board – snow, wake, long, paddle, surf.
    5. Q. Favorite gif?
      1.  Lisa's GIF
    6. Q. Favorite place in all the world?
      1. Some beach, somewhere….
    7. Q. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?
      1. I quit my job in Tahoe then spent my savings moving to San Diego. I was sure someone would hire me (in marketing) immediately because of my awesome 2 years of experience (yes, cocky entry level mentality). They didn’t and I couldn’t even get enough hours at a retail store. I ran out of money and had to call my dad and ask him to help me move back to Virginia. Lots of lessons learned there.
    8. Q. If you started a rock and roll band, what would the name be?
      1. Nollie Gatos – WAS my Rock Band name (Nollie is my cat’s name)
    9. Q. If you could give your 10-year old self one piece of advice, what would it be?
      1. When your parents want to take you to Europe in 6th grade, GO! Don’t tell them you can go to all the countries in EPCOT. Travel as much as you can – and never settle!
    10. Q. Which celebrity do you get mistaken for?
      1. Dallas Friday. She’s a pro wakeboarder. I took a wakeboard lesson once and the instructor thought I was totally messing with him. I have a pic of us together, it’s actually kind of freaky. 
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Join our team!