jQuery Toronto: Coming in hot

Quick Left likes JavaScript, that's no secret. What has been a secret until this very blog post is that we're international evangelists, and as such Sam and I are off to speak at jQueryTO on March 2nd and 3rd.

This time around we're sharing some knowledge about our larger JavaScript applications and what we've learned from them.

I'm speaking about JavaScript organization, particularly as an application grows. We've helped clients bring sort-of-interactive web apps into the realm of large single page applications using Backbone.js. There are several distinct 'forms' of JavaScript applications that are helpful to try and fit your code into along the way. I'll talk about tell-tale signs that it's time to level up your JavaScript app, and more importantly, how to do it.

Sam is our JavaScript DM (Dungeon Master) and is a veteran of plumbing the depths of gnarly, ancient code bases and bringing them back to health. He has drawn some really interesting parallels between the criminological broken windows theory and JavaScript applications. What are the small, innocent things, that when ignored can lull developers into criminal territory with their programming?

We can't wait to expand your mind grapes if you're coming to Toronto, and otherwise watch this space for videos of our talks.