Home Automation Hackfest

We've got another hackfest! September 24th at 6pm, mark your calendars!

Almost everything inside our homes (and inside our offices) can be automated. We want to challenge your hacking skills to come up your favorite home or office automation. We'll be hosting with Rocky Moutain Ruby, so expect a huge turn-out and register early. Plus you'll be the first to hack on Chui – the socially intelligent doorbell. The winning team will receive a Chui Doorbell plus dinner and drinks with the founders Shaun Moore, and Nezare Chafni.


  • September 24th, doors open at 6pm, hacking begins at 6:30
  • Free beer and food provided by our awesome sponsors
  • Teams formed night of
  • Hack for 3 hrs (no previous feature design or code written, please)
  • Winners will be chosen by our sponsors (hint, hint)

We are very grateful for our awesome sponsors Chui and JP Morgan Chase for providing food and beer, and the opportunity for you all to gather and HACK-IT-OUT!

We are pleased to introduce Chui:

What good is the “Internet of Things” if consumers do not have simple and secure access to it? Chui provides this solution: your face. With Chui, our faces become secure, personalized, and universal keys that unlock everything in the smart world. Forget logins, keys, phones, fobs, badges, passwords, and other barriers. Chui makes your face, your key. Every individual has a face that is entirely unique. It cannot be forgotten, lost or stolen, nor must a face ever be recharged. Chui’s portfolio of proprietary technology has made facial recognition accessible to consumers at an affordable price point for the first time.

And JP Morgan Chase & Co: Chase is a full service bank proudly offering a wide range of banking services for individuals and businesses. We are a part of JPMorganChase who serves over 90 million clients with the mission to be the best financial services company in the world.

Photos will be provided by 23rd Studios!