Happy Data Hour with Keen IO and Quick Left

Data nerds in Boulder and Defrag attendees – join the QL crew for a casual drinkup at Bohemian Biergarten with our friends from Keen IO! Drinks on us. See you November 5th from 6:30-8:30. Register here.

The Keen IO engineering team, Quick Left and friends will be hanging out and can give updates on what we've been working on lately.

Below is some nerdy JSON which probably looks terrible on your mobile device 🙂

event = {
    name: "Happy Data Hour",
    type: "party!",
    pretty_timestamp: "November 5th, 6:30pm-8:30pm",
    location: {
        name :"Keen IO Happy Data Hour",
        street_address: "2017 13th Street",
        city: "Boulder",
        state: "CO",
        zip: 80302
    beer: true,
    host: ["Keen IO", "Quick Left"]

So who's Keen IO? Quickly build custom analytics on scalable infrastructure via simple REST API! App developers integrate data science features directly into apps and dashboards using an API on Keen IO's scalable analytics stack, rather than roll their own analytics infrastructure.

See you squares there and if you don't mind, give this post a share!