Hackfest Next Wednesday: Professor Schaafsma to Speak

In an effort to recruit one of our coworkers to give a talk at next Wednesday's Hackfest, Becca and I stationed ourselves near the kitchen like two lions at a watering hole. Collin was our water buffalo that day.

Before he knew what was happening we had pounced and got Collin's commitment for a presentation on how to structure applications too big for the Rails default and too small to break into a service-oriented design. If you've been bumping into challenges that are a result of creating a large, monolithic app, Professor Schaafsma's talk will be right up your alley.

Aside: Ever since Collin started teaching at the University of Colorado for the Boulder Digital Works program, I've been calling him Professor Schaafsma. You should too. He plays it cool publicly but secretly celebrates each time by smoking a pipe and sipping a scotch when he thinks nobody is looking.

We'll have the usual socializing and shenanigans, along with plenty of Quick Lefters and other helpful folks to talk code. If you're new to programming and don't think you'll get much out of the presentation, we want you here anyway. Don't pass up this opportunity to meet and pick the brains of some smart folks.

And Collin, perhaps next time you'll remember to travel in a herd. Safety in numbers.

When: Wednesday, February 29th, 6pm Where: QLHQ, 902 Pearl St, Boulder CO 80302 Register: Register on Eventbrite