Go Code Colorado Kick Off – March 19

Go Code Colorado kicks off this weekend and Quick Left's CEO Ingrid Alongi will be among Colorado's tech leaders judging the application challenge taking place in Boulder. In an effort to make public data more accessible and user-friendly, teams of developers and entrepreneurs across the state will compete to solve business problems and grow our economy, by building apps that will help Colorado companies thrive.

Go Code Colorado also has challenge statements created by Colorado's business community that the apps will be built around:

Challenge One: Business Site Location

Challenge Two: Competitive Landscape

Challenge Three: Access to Capital

Challenge Four: Higher Education Resources

Challenge Five: Business Partners

Three resonates with us because we would love to work with more startups to help breathe life into their web or mobile applications!

The Challenge starts in five locations across the state– Boulder, Colorado Springs, Durango, Ft. Collins and Grand Junction — and continues with a Mentor Check In and a Finalist Competition in Denver. A stipend will cover all finalists’ travel expenses to Denver for the Mentor Check In and Finalist Competition. The three finalist apps judged to be the best will take home $25,000, $15,000 or $10,000 in incentives on May 9th.

Go Code Colorado is a bipartisan initiative of Colorado’s Secretary of State’s Business Intelligence Center (BIC), the Governor’s Office and the Statewide Internet Portal Authority. Go Code Colorado is the first competition of its kind in the United States that uses public data to build business tools and grow commerce.

“We have worked through the Colorado Innovation Network and advancing a statewide brand to ensure Colorado is known as a place where entrepreneurship and innovation are valued and cultivated,” Gov. John Hickenlooper said. “Go Code Colorado is yet another example of the state being at the forefront of innovation."

Go Code Colorado hopes to be an example of collaboration between tech and government communities that can be applied across the U.S. and spur economic growth in Colorado and beyond.

Anyone interested in joining the challenge or supporting Go Code Colorado is encouraged to sign up for the wait list at We'll see you there!