Get Ready for our Rube Goldberg Machine Hackfest

Most Quick Left Hackfests are what you build in 3 hours or less. But this time we’re not worried about what you build…but how you get there. On March 27, this Rube Goldberg Hackfest will have you completing a simple task in the most complex of ways. We may also throw in some wrenches midstream to shake things up.

No need to form a team before-hand, they'll come together night of and will write in the language of their choice. Software developers, UX designers, and spectators are welcome. Prizes awarded for the top teams and the beer is on us. So come play for a bit. Doors open at 6 and the hacking kicks off at 6:30 sharp.

ATOMS Express, Gnip, Mobiplug, and KST have all agreed to sponsor this Hackfest and give us toys to play with. Visit their sites and thank them for the food and drink when you arrive. Prizes will be awarded as well from each company.

What!? Don't know what a Hackfest is, you say? Then watch our latest Hackfest video.

January Quick Left Hackfest 2013 from Quick Left on Vimeo.

You can read the entire recap here.

Or if you're cool and know what a Hackfest is, like livin' on the edge while trying new and dangerous things, then go ahead and sign up below:

Eventbrite - Quick Left's Rube Goldberg Hackfest