Fun with APIs and Ruby – Ruby Beginner’s Track Talk

Quick Left’r talk on Fun with APIs and Ruby (Git Commit Messages Are Forever).

The talk was originally given for the October Boulder Ruby Meetup Beginner Track.

One of the greatest moments when you’re learning how to program is the first time you build a tool that you actually get to use. It’s a little bit like learning woodworking and finally making a perfect rocking chair.

Before I started getting into code, I thought it was all serious business and math… but the truth is, programming can be silly and fun. At the end of the day, you learn the best when you are building something you care about. With that said though, it’s easy to care too much and forget to just sit back and laugh at yourself.

This is why I wanted to give a talk about using very basic code to access the Github API (serious business) and then use it to auto-generate Mad Libs (funny business).

If you’re new to Ruby and want to learn how to access the Github API for fun, profit, and silly word jokes, give it a watch!

Check out the original code of Github