February Hackfest Recap

Collin presenting Thanks to everyone who came out for our Hackfest on Wednesday! In case you missed it, Collin gave a talk on applying software design patterns to Rails apps. His slides are up on slideshare, but you can also take a look at his example app on github. He’s got some great resources posted, complete with awesome talks by Uncle Bob and Corey Haines, an example of a Sinatra app, etc., so it’s worth taking a peek at.

The highlight of the evening came 10 minutes into the presentation when Bing’s daughter not-so-discreetly asked just how long Collin would be talking. New rule for presentations on web development: if a 3 year-old isn’t entertained by a talk on Ruby on Rails, you’re probably doing it wrong. Maybe next time…

On that note, this month we’ll be putting the “Hack” back into Hackfest so keep those fingers limber and stay tuned for more updates. We have some ideas for what we'd like to do, but we'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions, so get at us. We’ll see you on the 28th!