Fairview High School Robotics Team Monthly Update

September 2015 Recap

We continue to support and highlight Fairview High School’s Robotics Team as they update us on all the exciting things happening for their team. September has been a jam-packed month involving a school fair, new courses and a new shop they’re working on revamping. Here’s an update of what they have been up to:

Fairview High School Club-Fair

“Although the school year has just begun, The Robotics Team is already in high gear! We recently attended the Club-Fair at Fairview in an effort to recruit new members. We were extremely successful and have roughly 15 new members.”
Fiarview High School Robotics Team Fairview High School Robotics Team

New Courses

In the beginning of September the FHS Robotics team has been doing introductions to FIRST and robotics concepts, as well as team building. Last this month and into October they will begin more advanced techniques with hands on fabrication training.

New Shop

The Robotics team made significant advancements towards acquiring their own shop at Fairview High School. They are planning on working with the Theater department to renovate their existing wood shop and make it fit for robotics and metal working. The team is super excited that they’ll have their own space to set up shop and continue to learn new things.
The team is continuing to fund raise for the upcoming season and the cost of the renovations needed in their shop.