Evolution of the Quick Left Hackfest

Within the QL office, we’ve been holding bi-monthly Engineering meetings – the whole team comes together for an hour to listen to presentations, discuss best practices and kick around any ideas we’ve been mulling over.

We’ve found that these engineering meetings have strengthened our overall process by allowing for a venue within which to share information across the whole team, allow for constructive conflict and come to consensus on how we’ll move forward.

Which brings us to our Hackfests. Up until now we’ve done casual drink-ups, language-specific code-ups, and competitions – all of which have been a blast. But we feel that we’ve been under-utilizing the strength of the diversity within the Boulder developer community.

We’d like to propose a collaborative community-wide Hackfest to be held on November 29th from 6 – 9 pm. Bring us the best of what’s happening in whatever language you’re working in – Scala, Clojure, Python, Ruby, Java, PHP, etc.

    – What does Boulder JS know that Boulder Ruby does not?
    – What are the new language-neutral technologies we should be paying attention to?
    – What open-source projects need more contributors?
    – What are you working on that everyone should know more about?
    – etc.


We’ll provide the content for the first couple of Hackfests (unless you’ve got a killer presentation already lined up!), but after that it’s up to you.

What do you think Boulder, are we ready for this?

Oh, and before we forget, did we mention we’ve moved? So if for nothing else, at least come to check out our new space. And drink our beer. And eat our pizza. Because although we might be growing, some things never change.