Entrepreneur of the Year: Ingrid Alongi

We've recently gotten word that our CEO Ingrid Alongi will be honored by the Boulder Chamber as their Entrepreneur of the Year at next Tuesday's 29th Annual Esprit Entrepreneur event series! Almost four years ago she began the Quick Left journey with co-founder Sam Breed, pouring the same type of blood, sweat, and tears that our customers put into their own businesses. It's incredibly fulfilling to see her being recognized by our business community for her leadership to this organization.

Ingrid led Quick Left from those humble beginnings as it built its reputation for engineering excellence, added mobile development and UI/UX design capabilities, moved into a beautiful space on Pearl Street, and grew the company to the twenty-some-odd passionate geeks that we are today. Scary thing is, she's got plenty more exciting plans in store – don't let her quiet demeanor fool you!

Ingrid's not entirely comfortable with being singled out as the leader of this team. She prefers to share each win, whether it's on a bicycle or in the office, with others. To all of Ingrid's customers, friends, and colleagues, please join the Quick Left team in this celebration, whether you're heading to Esprit Entrepreneur (get your tickets here), sending a congratulatory note via email or Twitter (@quickleft, @eletromute), giving her a high five on Pearl Street, or leaving a comment below.

Congratulations Ingrid!