17 plates. 14 cups. 6 forks, 9 knives, and 14 spoons.
These are my charges.
The suits in the elevator chuckle as I struggle to push the down button
Poor girl, she’s got dishes.
That’s right, dishes.
These are my 45 minutes of Zen.
No inline elements refusing to inherit my styles here.
Syntax error: Invalid CSS after “ clear:”: expected pseudoclass or pseudoelement was “  both;”?
Nothing a few more soap bubbles can’t cure.

def washdishes(step1, step2, step3)
puts “Three #{step1}, one #{step2}, five minute #{step3}”
dishes(“scrubs”, “rinse”, “dry”)
–> Three scrubs, one rinse, five minute dry

Throw me your oldest browser (yeah ie6 I’m lookin at YOU),
these suckers will still shine.
It might take me an hour to correctly style a header,
A whole day to add the jQuery plugin that takes Sam five minutes,
And as for what Collin and Ryan are even saying?
Maybe in my next life.
But dishes?
Well I’ve got those covered.