Denver Startup Week 2016: RTD Transportation Data Hackfest


Every year the Colorado community gets together to celebrate Denver’s unique entrepreneurial identity at Denver Startup Week (DSW). The week is packed with events that give the Denver community a chance to connect on some of the biggest challenges faced by organizations in the city. It’s also a chance to applaud Denver’s startup scene and recognize the individuals that make it possible- industry leaders, allies, fellow co-workers, friends and people you have yet to meet. 

This year DSW is September 12th – 16th at locations near downtown Denver. There’s a large variety of events with tracks on everything from design, development, product, growth, the maker space and more. High-profile sectors and topics like healthtech, the cannabis industry, diversity and IoT have their own events, too.


Transportation Data Hackfest


This year Cognizant Quick Left is partnering with the Regional Transportation District (RTD) to host a transportation data hackfest. The goal of this hackfest is to improve the lives of the people in transit by creating web and mobile apps that make it easier for people to travel around the state. Within three hours, entrepreneurs, designer, developers and tech nerds will gather for a night of coding and design where teams will create applications that center around transportation and solve the goal above. 

Here are the deets…


Tuesday, September 13th, 6 – 9pm


Galvanize Platte, 1644 Platte St, Denver, CO 80202




Why a transportation hackfest?

RTD has been expanding its transit plans to improve urban travel over the years. As more and more people relocate to Colorado because hey, CO is freakin’ awesome, RTD’s been makin’ moves. 2016 is notably mentioned as one of RTD’s biggest years yet. This year alone RTD expanded several of its rail lines, example, the A Line which goes to and from the airport and downtown and the Flatiron Flyer bus route between Denver and Boulder. And there’s more in the works like the G Line (Arvada to Union Station, opening in the fall) and the R Line (Lone Tree through Aurora to I-70 and Pioria, opening in the winter). You’re welcome, citizens.

As RTD continues to stride towards making Colorado more navigable, they’re interested in having the community contribute to their goals. RTD is coming up with new and innovative ways to make their transit program one of the best in the nation, and to reach this goal RTD is looking towards the community to help improve Colorado’s transportation. So, we thought what better way to get the community involved then to host a hackfest? After all, hackathons are one of the best ways to spark innovation and creativity in the tech world, and RTD possesses the data to open up a wide array of possibilities for the transportation district in the tech scene.

RTD Open Data

One of the ways RTD is coming up with new ideas for improving life in transit is through its open source data, RTD Open Data aka real-time data feeds. RTD recently made their transportation data available to anyone who wants to dabble with the numbers. This way, RTD is taking on an innovative approach to solving its transit challenges. By using this data to create applications, people can see deeper insights into the information they need to comfortably transit through Colorado. 

At the hackfest, we’ll be creating web and mobile apps to improves lives in transit through the open source data made available by RTD. Join us for our hackfest and make magic through big data with your fellow Denverites! The possibilities are endless…

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