Quick Left Portland Hosts Hack the Dot Hackfest for

On November 12, 2015, in Portland, Oregon, a new domain was born. Hackable. Humorous. Hippos? 

A Hack the Dot is an two hour hackathon extravaganza where coding school students, junior developers, experienced developers, marketers, and designers came together to an idea based on a top level domain provided by With TLDs like .ninja, .rocks, .social, and .dance in their arsenal, there were so many great options to get creative. In the end, reigned victorious and, after some nervous chatter on the part of the participants, work got underway designing the greatest House of Hippos ever conceived for a website.  

Take a look at some of the magic below: 

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Dear Meetup Organizer, Here’re some tips. Love, your Host.

Hosting meetups is a big part of my job as a Quick Left marketer. On a personal level, getting to invite people into my space lets me fill the "Desperate Housewives" in me that rarely gets to rear it's head in my "real life". Also, the opportunity to learn new things, be exposed to different ideas and meet with a variety of people motivates me. 

Professionally, I get a chance to interact with my community. Both of our larger Quick Left offices in Boulder and Portland are prime locations for meetups. The reason I give up many of my evenings to this end is that I truly feel like I providing the users of our square footage with an experience in our brand. 

After hosting several meetups, I've been able to glean insights into what makes a good meetup, and what meetups I feel most inclined to host.

Here are some of my tips for great organizing, from the perspective of your host!

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NewCo Boulder: Why You Don’t Want to Hire for “Culture Fits”

Join us at Quick Left on November 19th at 2:30pm for a discussion about how we created an all-inclusive environment and evaluated our internal processes to allow for better diversity across all spectrums. We'll also be joined by leading diversity experts Gerry Valentine and LGBTQ Meetup Co-organizer and NCWIT board member Sarah E. Brown who will share steps you can take to identify bias, share data supporting the diversity argument, and tips you can take to create a better company in the process.

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