Quick Left’s Right Turn – To Cognizant

Exciting news!

Those of you who know Quick Left—as clients or companies we’ve talked to, or as members of the technology community in and around Boulder—know we’ve built something truly fantastic here.

Quick Left is an outrageously talented (and fun) group of people, doing world-class development projects. And it’s our intention to build and grow even stronger.

We recently grasped an opportunity to do that. We caught the attention of world-renowned technology company and global IT service provider Cognizant Technology Solutions. And the opportunity was too good to pass up.

Effectively immediately, we’re now Cognizant Quick Left.

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A Year in Gif-view: 2015 Annual Report in Reaction Gifs

Around this time last year, we sent you a glossy, corporate-y, javascript-y annual report. This year we've decided to shake it up.We're presenting this year in review as narrated by reaction gifs. Thank you for keeping it real with us this year. We look forward to delivering our award-winning software consulting services throughout 2016... and many, many, many more years.

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Sprintly Goes Back to Its Startup Roots

Today we are excited to announce that Quick Left’s Sprintly product is once again becoming an independent company, under the leadership of its original founder, Joe Stump.

After almost two years of work, we’ve decided that now is a good time for Sprintly to be a startup again. Joe, who is on the Quick Left Board of Directors, was eager to re-acquire Sprintly and run it as an independent company.

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