Brew Install Beer: Homebrewing at Quick Left Boulder

Last week Quick Left Boulder had its first ever homebrew night! No, we didn't hang out all night typing brew install in our terminals. We brewed some beer! Being Coloradans, we had a healthy debate about what kind of beer to brew. Porter? Stout? Saison? By democratic vote, we chose to brew an IPA full of delicious Chinook hops.

I brought the ingredients, Bob brought the turkey fryer, and Shane brought moral support and strong stirring arm. Brewing in the alley behind work was an adventure — we had some interesting conversation with some wandering souls who were fascinated to learn about what we were doing.

If you haven't brewed your own beer before, it's really quite easy! You can buy recipe kits that include everything you need, except for water. Then comes the cooking. In a nutshell, you boil water, extract syrup, and hops together, for a little over an hour. Then you cool it down as fast as you can to prevent bacteria from starting to grow. Once it's cool enough (~80 degrees F), you move it to a sealable container, "pitch" the yeast in, and store your beer in a quiet place.

Here's where we stored ours! Think the bicycles will mind?

In a few weeks, we'll transfer the beer to a keg and then straight into our kegerator, ready to be enjoyed after a long day of slinging code!

From our office to yours, cheers!